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Consignment Tracker Spreadsheet

Consignment Tracker Spreadsheet


This is a super helpful spreadsheet designed to help you track your sales at consignment stores.

So how does it work? (Click on the images to enlarge the photos and get a good look!)

If you sell your handmade products in consignment shops, you know it can be challenge to keep track of inventory month to month. Having well stocked shops means more sales for you and that's important! This worksheet is designed to help take away some of the hassle while keeping track of your inventory and your income from your consignment sales.

This spreadsheet allows for you to track your inventory all year long with a few simple entries each month. You don't have to do any of the hard work here, simply enter your product, retail price, quantity in inventory, and when you get an inventory update from a store, you can quickly input your sales to see what current inventory levels are.

This is an MS Excel Document and is sent to you as such.

So, how do you get your worksheet? It's simple. Add it to your cart, check out via PayPal, and your worksheet is automatically emailed to you. It's like interwebs magic.

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